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The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ATD hosts a variety of events - each of which are explained in detail below. To register for any of our upcoming events, click here.

Chapter Programs

Our chapter-wide meetings are held the first month of each quarter and provide our members and guests with an opportunity to network with each other and engage thought leaders speaking on key topics in the Learning and Talent Development field.

Lead: GMick Smith, View my profile on LinkedIn


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ATD-PHL has several SIGs that provide chapter members and guests the opportunity to connect with other learning and talent development professionals with similar interests on certain topics and activities. SIGs meet regularly where members explore the trends of our profession in more depth, share best practices, and keep up to date on the latest information.

Descriptions and contact information is provided below for our active SIGs. You may also look for meetings listed in the Events page of this site.

Director of SIGS: Teresa Frizell, View my profile on LinkedIn

SIGs are a FREE benefit of membership, so join now!

Career and Professional Development SIG

The Career and Professional Development Special Interest Group (SIG) provides talent development professionals the tools and knowledge to help them develop and manage their careers.

Through interactive presentations, workshops, and discussions our goal is to help Learning and Talent Development professionals and others in similar professions develop foundational competencies such as interpersonal skills, business skills, and industry knowledge.   

Our SIG sessions foster a community in which we can learn from each other, discuss ways to approach career challenges, and share opportunities for career growth.

See our page for details on our next Career and Professional Development SIG meeting, or contact the SIG Leader for more information.

Co-Lead: Josh Zlatkin, View my profile on LinkedIn

Co-Lead: Jacqueline Freeman, View my profile on LinkedIn


Leadership and Organizational Development SIG

The Leadership and OD SIG is a forum for exploring situations and solutions in the Learning and Talent Development leadership and Organizational Development field. Our meeting formats consist of panel presentations and roundtable discussions where our members and guests learn from key Learning and Talent Development leaders in local companies and from each other as we share ideas and experiences that will help us all to be successful in this field.

Co-Lead: Mark Spool, View My Profile on LinkedIn

Co-Lead: Amy Dinning, View my profile on LinkedIn

Co-Lead: Shelley Saeger, View my profile on LinkedIn


Learning and Development SIG

The Learning and Development SIG supports practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge and share ideas on the latest practices in learning and development across all industries. We strive to provide interactive and hands-on learning experiences through workshops, engaging presentations with Q&A, and interactive round-table discussions led by experts in our industry. 

Meetings are held in person and, when possible, virtually (as scheduled). This provides a flexible forum where we can network and gain experience with various technologies, tools, processes, and methodologies as a community of practice. We welcome practitioners with all levels of expertise and believe that we learn best when we learn together.

Lead: Susan Maggetti, View My Profile on LinkedIn


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