Pennsylvania ATD Executive Education Series: "Six Paths to Leadership"

  • May 12, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Your Home Office


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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Executive Education Series sponsored by your ATD chapter.  Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we'll be presenting a thought leader in executive education coming from our most prestigious academic institutions and organizations across the state. 

Six Paths to Leadership

Leaders come to their positions from many directions; some travel multiple leadership paths in their careers; others may choose one path early on; some change paths as they switch careers or as they become a first-time leader. Wherever you are in your leadership journey, the key insights offered in Six Paths to Leadership will help you navigate to your destination. Our six paths framework, based on ideas developed through from decades of professional work and supported with more recent conversations with dozens of leaders across sectors, geographies and contexts, makes a strong case that leadership is not "one size fits all" for either the person, or for the mode of entry into the role. There are important distinctions across the six leadership paths, and understanding them may provide value for both emerging and experienced leaders.

By attending this session you will learn about the six paths: INSIDER (promoted), the OUTSIDER (hired), the REPRESENTATIVE (elected), the PROXY (appointed), the CREATOR (founder) and the LEGACY (family). By considering the lessons from these paths, you will help leaders to be more effective from the first steps on their own path and the twists and turns that follow. We will further explore how learning professionals can better support their stakeholders by applying a path lens to their leadership development efforts.


Meredith Persily Lamel:

Meredith Persily Lamel is a sought after leadership expert across the public and private sectors, supporting C-suite executives and elected members of Congress alike. 

She is CEO of Aspire@Work, an executive coaching and leadership consultancy based in Washington, DC and also an Adjunct Professor at American University's School of Public Administration. She is regularly called upon by her clients to support the onboarding of executives into new roles, helping them to effectively lead a multi-generational workforce, and drive organizational change. 

She has delivered leadership programs in 17 countries across five continents and in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Persily Lamel is an honors graduate from Brown University and earned an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

She is a Professional Certifies Coach from the International Coach Federation. Her newly published book "Six Paths to Leadership: Lessons from Successful Executives, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, and More" can be found here and on Amazon.

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