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Are you looking . . .

  • To join a dynamic and diverse organization dedicated to professional excellence?
  • For ways to make yourself more marketable and employable?
  • To make new contacts and expand your network with others in the Training & Development field?
  • To learn from recognized leaders and get the edge on your competition?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then ATD-PHL is right for you!

Join Now!

With today’s rapid pace of change, globalization, and technological innovation, organizations need training and development professionals more than ever. With more than 400 members, ATD Greater Philadelphia can help you succeed in this vital field. When you join ATD-PHL (Association for Talent Development Greater Philadelphia Chapter), you enter into a community of influential consultants, trainers, facilitators, instructional designers, and consultants on the cutting edge of the profession. Your membership provides you with an opportunity to connect with people you need to know in an enlightening, entertaining, and educational environment.

ATD-PHL Benefits of Membership

  • Networking including special Members Only access to our directory
  • Educational programs including discounts to all events
  • Professional resources for keeping up with trends and developments in the industry
  • Sharing regional “Best Practices”
  • Chapter events featuring some of the industry’s top presenters
  • Exclusive members-only event
  • Member-only access to past meeting content
  • Volunteer opportunities to develop new skills and enhance your professional profile
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Geographic Interest Groups (GIGs) provide specialized learning and networking FREE for members
  • Access to our Members Only LinkedIn Group

Click here to join ATD-PHL or to update your ATD-PHL membership today! If you are already a member of ATD National and want to add a chapter membership, click here.

What is a Power Membership?

Power Memberships are available to local chapter members who want the additional benefits of ATD national membership. With a POWER Membership, you can combine your local and national ATD memberships and SAVE BIG! Don’t forget:

  • With a National membership, you get updates on the latest industry trends, discounts on national conferences, certifications, ATD products, T&D Magazine, and much more!
  • With an ATD-PHL membership, you join a robust community of L&D practitioners, get exposure to current trends, participate in chapter events and Special Interest Group (SIG) and Geographic Interest Group (GIG) meetings, gain compelling perspectives from leaders in the field, and much more!
  • To read about more benefits of having a National ATD Membership, click here.


Check out the options Power Memberships offer below, including the NEW Professional Plus option! A Professional Plus Power Membership offers all of the same benefits as a Power Professional member in addition to access to a 99 Micro Course Library.

Need to know the difference between Power Professional and Power Professional Plus Membership? This resource guide will explain. For multiple-year Power memberships, please visit

  • New Power Professional MEMBERSHIP: $279 | $378 with PHL chapter 
  • New Power Professional Plus MEMBERSHIP: $439 | $538 with PHL chapter

Please allow up to 1 week to process your national membership.


Please review the options below to see how to become a Power member:

  • If you are not currently an ATD-PHL member or National member, click here to join now. If you purchase both chapter and ATD membership in a single transaction, you will align your membership end dates, and receive $30 off the cost of your ATD membership.
  • If you are an ATD-PHL member looking to become a Power Professional Member or Power Professional Plus Member, click here to join now. Note: if your chapter membership doesn’t need to be renewed yet, email and discuss prorated ATD-PHL membership rates to sync up your chapter and national memberships.
  • If you’re an ATD National member looking to join the Greater Philadelphia Chapter (ATD-PHL) to become a Power Professional or Power Professional Plus Member, click here to join now. Note: if your National membership doesn’t need to be renewed yet, email and discuss prorated ATD-PHL membership rates to sync up your chapter and national memberships.

If you need additional assistance with changing your membership level, please email

To learn more about the differences in each Power Membership level click here.

Student Membership

As a student, you need to connect with and learn from professionals in the training and development field. This will give your career the jump start you need to stand out from a crowded field. ATD-PHL student membership is designed for those members enrolled in an L&D-related degree program at a reputable institution. ATD-PHL chapter membership provides local networking and professional opportunities including:

  • Informal mentoring
  • Online listing of local job openings
  • Exposure to regional “best practices” in the L&D industry
  • Access to our membership directory
  • Volunteer opportunities to highlight leadership initiatives
  • Discounted chapter membership for students
  • Free or discounted chapter event pricing

For students currently enrolled in either undergraduate or graduate studies, we offer a discount of $49.95 for a full-year membership. Join us to take advantage of this offer.

Student Power Membership

Student Power Memberships are available to local student chapter members who want the additional benefits of ATD national student membership. ATD national student members receive full membership benefits at a fraction of the regular membership rate! The ATD student member rate is for students 1) who are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours per year (or the equivalent of at least half-time) at an accredited university or college OR 2) who are active ATD chapter student members.

    • Connect with members from over 120 chapters
    • Research white papers
    • Discounts on publications, conferences, education programs, and the CPLP credential
    • T&D Magazine subscription
    • Premium webcasts
    • Annual State of the Industry Report
    • Scholarship Fund* access [See below]
Click here to learn more about ATD National Membership benefits!

Click here to join ATD-PHL today! Select Student Member Level.

Click here to become a Student Power Member today!

Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships allow multiple employees in your company to benefit from membership at a discounted rate, and these memberships are transferable so if someone leaves the organization, you can assign it to another employee.

The person who will manage the corporate bundle membership should complete the online application under their name. Once the application process is complete, you can then add the other members of your organization to your bundle. Additional members over six are at $70 per person. 

To join please contact us at:

Transition Membership

As a professional in between jobs, you’re looking for opportunities to network with others and become more marketable. Our Transition Membership is perfect for you. Join any time during the year and pay only $49.95 for a one-year membership!

Guidelines for Transition Memberships:

    • You must be unemployed at the time of signing up for membership.
    • If you become unemployed after becoming a Chapter Member, please understand that we cannot reimburse the difference.
    • If you become employed after receiving the transition rate, you will not need to pay the difference to ATD-PHL.
    • This offer may be limited to the initial membership for eligible new members or a single renewal for eligible current members.
    • After this one-year transition membership expires, you may renew your membership at the established chapter renewal rate of $99.

Note that verification of unemployment status may be required. Due to the non-profit status of our organization, we cannot extend this offer to independent contractors, consultants, or those who are self-employed.

If you meet these requirements, we'd love to have you join us at the "Transition" rate.

Member Testimonial

ATD-PHL is all about supporting achievement and growth.

I enjoyed the December Employee Learning Week Event and the chance to catch up with you and our colleagues.

Participation in the chapter was a crucial part of my network, in a year where I landed two clients in my target industries, and brought a world renowned adventure film festival to the Delaware Valley. The support and resources of the chapter were valuable in so many ways.

Matt Cinelli

Renew Your Membership

Please note you must be logged in to your profile to be recognized by the system as a renewing member. If you have forgotten your password, there is an option to reset. If you have forgotten your username, please email us at

Click here to renew your ATD-PHL Membership.

Click here to renew your Power Membership.

If your are having difficulty renewing, please email, and we will help you to renew your membership.

Please note, the cost to renew your ATD-PHL membership is $99.

Member Testimonial

ATD is an established organization who's knowledge sharing across a broad membership base is helpful for everyone. From a newly minted college graduate to CXO participants, ATDPHL provides networking and knowledge sharing that will help everyone grow professionally and personally in our career in the Talent Development domains. Meet new friends, find that new job, attend one of our seminars, and more.

Brian McCarthy

Member Testimonial

The first annual ATD Philadelphia regional conference in 2012 came at exactly the right time for me. I was beginning to transition from a career as a face-to-face adult learning director at a local college into workplace education. A bigger shift than I anticipated. I found out about the conference two days before it was to be held, and signed up. That day I met wonderful people from varied corners of the field, and attended captivating sessions. I left convinced that I was moving in the right direction. I kept coming back for more. I immediately was inspired to become active on the conference program committee. My participation affords me the opportunity to interact with thought leaders in the Training & Development field; this is a much richer experience than just being in the audience.

It’s not easy to change careers in midlife. My friends through ATD-PHL have been trusted resources pointing me to new and interesting positions, and have helped me get noticed. In fact, I landed in my current position because an ATD presenter/mentor knew someone who I wanted to know.

I almost always feel the SIG gatherings and chapter events are worthwhile. Sometimes I attend simply because I enjoy the networking, camaraderie, and friendship!

I highly recommend membership. No regrets! Please join me.

Liz Zinbarg Nover

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