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Tech Talk: “Adaptability Intelligence AQ - The #1 most in demand skill”

  • April 10, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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We will see more change this decade than in the previous 100 years. This is the power of exponential technologies. The capacity and skill to adapt has transitioned from a desirable trait to the most crucial skill of our time. Talent development professionals stand at the forefront of this transformation, guiding individuals and organizations through the accelerating shifts in technology, work dynamics, and societal expectations. 

But how do we cultivate an environment where adaptability thrives? This talk will explore his research and science-backed model of AQ. The symbiotic relationship between stress, AQ, and learning present actionable strategies for developing adaptability skills that align with the needs of today's workforce. 

Discover how leveraging AQ will enhance your talent development practices and empower you to lead in the age of perpetual change. Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your approach to talent development and position yourself and your organization for success, in the fastest period of change in history.

Speaker's Bio:

Ross Thornley | Author and Visionary Entrepreneur 

Ross Thornley is driven by his Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP): to unite, inspire, and accelerate the best of all humanity. Known for his experimental, curious, and optimistic nature, Ross excels in contextualizing complex subjects and inspiring visionary thinking. He is a passionate creator, educator, and serial entrepreneur with a talent for tackling grand challenges. His journey, rich in innovation, branding, and technology focuses on understanding and leveraging rapid world changes.

He has authored notable works like Moonshot Innovation,Decoding AQ, and Future Ready L&D Professional. As a pioneer in Adaptability Intelligence (AQ), Ross has trained over 350 professionals in the science of adaptability and accumulated over 10,000 hours in workshop facilitation and keynotes.

He is dedicated to research and education on adaptability, innovation, and the future of work. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal for his ability to navigate accelerating change, Ross is a beacon of adaptability, innovation, and purposeful growth in an ever-changing world.

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